​BOOM Crafted Pickles takes pride in hand crafting their pickles as well as their display stands. We hand build the display stands to fit the customers needs. Here are pictures of a display stand being hand crafted.

* Revolutionary * Fresh * Handcrafted *

BOOM Crafted Pickles

est. 2016


Here is Scott & Michelle enjoying a Dirty Spicy Pickle Martini at The Mill in Hershey. That drink was named after BOOM Crafted Pickles.

BOOM Crafted Pickles​​

Our ultimate goal is to enhance the dining experience by introducing revolutionary, fresh, handcrafted appetizers for a bold, adventurous group. A pickle is just a pickle, a BOOM Crafted Pickle ​is an experience!

Scott & Michelle Handley started BOOM Crafted Pickles  from their overgrown garden in their back yard in Hershey, PA. They decided to pickle some of their cucumbers for personal and family consumption. After MANY praises and compliments on their recipes and revolutionary flavors, there were requests for more, 

 BOOM Crafted Pickles was born!